Who We Are

Bay Dog Biscuits LLC, is a family owned business that is the physical embodiment of the love that we have for our dog, Skipjack. In 2014, we started making dog biscuits for Skipjack and have perfected flavors that he absolutely loves, and we know your favorite companion will enjoy. But we know that dog biscuits alone don’t make memories. It’s quality time spent with our canine companions that change our lives. At Bay Dog Biscuits we strive to LIVE FREE while staying healthy and GRAIN FREE. In order to LIVE FREE we must get out into our community and experience a life with our pup. To that end, our company not only sells dog biscuits but we also provide events and safe spaces for you and your dog to make memories together. Post pictures of our favorite pooch, attend our events, and join the LIVE FREE, GRAIN FREE movement.

Warm Regards,

Blair, Craig & Skipjack